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True men’s watches with diamonds may not be very practical but it certainly depicts your style choices and it’s an excellent way to show off the successes that you have achieved in your life.

Rolex Submariner ‘Serti’ Replica

It’s not really a surprise that another Rolex made it to the list. The Rolex Submariner in steel/gold (also called the “Clown”) has a version with diamonds known as Rolex Serti dial. “Serti” is derived from the French word sertissage, which in English means “setting stones.” It has several precious stones and dial color options, and as many collectors know the Submariner “Serti” dial’s can be swapped for a normal “Clown” dial when if ever you no longer want to have diamonds in your watch. You can just buy replacements on the market. If you happen to be friends with a watchmaker, you can even switch dials every few months to suit your needs. Besides, why put diamonds on a diver’s watch right? The diamonds are more of a style requirement rather than a functional need.

Rolex Replica Stealth Submariner

Differences Between the Genuine and Replica Rolex Submariner Watches

Rolex is one of the most counterfeited brands of luxury watches. This is because many people are clamoring and wishing to have this designer watch on their wrists. It is just that they cannot afford the thousands to hundred thousands of dollars on the price tag of genuine Rolex watches. If you want to buy a fake Rolex Submariner watch, you can easily do so online. Some buyers also resort to looking for watches sold by street vendors.

Aside from the huge difference in the prices of the genuine and replica Rolex Submariner watches, there are other differences that you might notice too. You might notice them if you do the following:

  • • Some Rolex Submariner knockoffs have transparent casebacks. Replica watch makers intended to display the watch’s interiors. However, Rolex does not have these clear casebacks for their watches.
  • • Usually, a replica Rolex Submariner watch has smaller date magnification than the genuine watch. They have magnifications 1.5 times to 2.5 times bigger.
  • • Authentic Rolex watches do not have any engravings, which are often found on the casebacks of replica watches. Unlike the low quality Rolex Submariner replica, the genuine watches are smooth and clean of any marks.
  • Replica Rolex watches do not have a hologram-encoded 3D sticker. On the other hand, fake models only use fabricated hologram stickers.

Submariner is a winner for those who value design more than functionality. But if you want to go diving with your watch, the Sea-Dweller or the Rolex Deepsea are both great choices because they have a higher level of resistance and their bracelets also have extension mechanisms. If you want a large case, the Deepsea (40mm) is for you; but if you prefer a smaller case, the best option is the SeaDweller. Here are our scores for the Rolex Sea-Dweller:

• Bracelet and clasp (maximum of 10 points): The steel bracelet is well crafted and sensible. The folding clasp comes with 2 lengthening mechanisms. 9
• Operation (5): The bezel clicks authoritatively into every notch and it’s easy to operate. The stop seconds function as well as the date’s rapid set mechanism ensures the watch can be set accurately. 5
• Case (10): The superior craftsmanship is evident in the deftly polished surfaces; it’s also scratch resistant because of its ceramic bezel. 9
• Design (15): The design of the Sea-Dweller is almost perfect if not for the date display which is quite close to the center of the dial. 14
• Legibility (5): The dial contrasts nicely with the hands and the Chromalight glows clearly even in the absence of light. 5
• Wearing comfort (10): The lengthening mechanism assures you that you can always find the most suitable length. The clasp and bracelet’s smooth surfaces also add to the comfort of the wearer. 10
• Movement (20): The manufacture caliber is highly regarded and it is engineered for accuracy, longevity and durability. 18
• Rate results (10): Although the highest deviation among the several positions is pretty significant, the daily gain is very low; the Sea-Dweller runs very precisely when worn. 7
• Overall value (15): The price of the Sea-Dweller is on the high side but the superior quality of every detail and the certainty that it will preserve its worth in the years to come ensures good value for your money. 13

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