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Top 5 Replica Luxury Men’s Watches with Diamonds

Before you click the BACK button, think about it for awhile. Sure the topic is about men’s watches with diamonds and diamonds are a woman’s best friend. BUT you have to also respect the amount of work that goes into finding and making diamond jewelry or accessories – mining, cutting, polishing, setting, etc.

Admittedly, I wasn’t very fond of watches with diamonds myself. But ever since I got to visit the Bunter Factory a company that specializes in cutting and setting this precious stone in watches like Hublot, Patek Philippe and Cartier, my interest was piqued. I was lucky enough to observe how the company processes diamonds and use them in watches. It was truly an unforgettable experience and I was also impressed in realizing that the biggest watchmakers in the world entrust their products to Bunter Factory.

You probably won’t see me wearing a watch with diamonds in it but if ever I was given the chance to pick the best options out there, this is the list that I would have:

1. Rolex Day-Date Replica (Reference 118238).

The Rolex Day-Date with diamond hour markets is a rather safe choice, but it looks really elegant with diamonds. If you have seen it, you’ll know what I mean. This classic 36mm watch only comes in platinum or gold, and the diamonds are beautifully set. If you are someone with a taste for luxury, this is an excellent watch to have.

2. Audemars Replica Piguet Royal Oak (5402B ‘Jumbo’).

Even though I would have liked the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak especially the Jumbo model to be in stainless steel, no one can deny that the white gold model with diamond hour markers on its 1980 collection is really nice. It’s as thin as the usual Jumbo Royal Oak in spite of the white gold bracelet and case and the diamonds, thanks in part to its self winding Caliber 2121 which is extra thin.

3. Patek Philippe Replica Nautilus (ref. 5713).

The Nautilus ref.5713 in white gold would also be a good choice if you want a watch that looks like a bling. A man could pull off wearing the Patek Philippe Nautilus. Although I would prefer a watch with diamond hour markers instead of a diamond studded bezel, the integrated design of this watch makes it look sophisticated. There are other Nautilus watches with diamond hour markers but these were mostly for the smaller models like the one with reference 3800.

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