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The Sea-Dweller was launched in 1967 and by then it was called the Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000. Its design was inspired by the Submariner, which came out in 1953, however the SeaDweller had a fuller case and it came with a heliumescape valve. 

It had one of the most impressive water resistance capability in its time, with a resistance of up to 2000 feet or 600m. But with advances in watch technology, the Sea Dweller eventually reached a resistance level of 4000 feet or 1220 meters prior to its replacement by the Deepsea in 2008.

But because of popular demand, the renowned watchmaker decided to bring back the Sea Dweller 4000 and the brand new model also came with some new features.  It’s sufficiently thick at 15.1mm and it’s sort of like the bridge between the 12.5mm thick Submariner and the much thicker Deepsea which is 18mm. 

The basic design of the Sea-Dweller is more than 60 years old but interestingly, when you see the watch it looks very modern. This may be because of the new bezel which comes with a scratch proof hi-tech ceramic insert, a stark improvement to the aluminum bezel of older models.

The bezel turns seamlessly, passing through half minute intervals and making a nice clicking sound that resembles the sound of a combination lock in your safe. Thanks to its serrated external edge, it’s easy to grasp and the numerals and indexes are covered with a platinum dust which complements the expensive white-gold hands and markers of the dial.

Another upgrade to the new Sea-Dweller is the Glidelock clasp on the watch. It’s easy to operate and quite sturdy, enabling the user to lengthen the strap in increments of 2mm up to 20mm. So during the summer when you want a little more air in your wrist, you can simply extend the bracelet. There’s also a Fliplock extension mechanism that enables the user to add another 26mm to the strap so that it can fit over the diving suit sleeve. This feature is also found in the Deep-sea.

A nice feature is the safety bail which has an easily lifted rocker that keeps the clasp from opening accidentally. 

The bracelet is flexible and is comfy to wear on your wrist. The clasp and sides are polished, and bracelet’s upper surface has a satin finish. The case also has a combination of polished and satin finish.

 Just like the Deepsea, the Sea-Dweller has a screw in Triplock crown. It comes with 5 insulators to prevent moisture from getting into the case. The case is water resistant to prevent corrosion from saltwater and it’s made of 904L Steel. The inner surface of the clasp and the caseback are smooth, adding to the comfort of the wearer.

The blue luminous substance that can be seen in Rolex watches is called Chromalight and in the case of the Sea-Dweller it is applied at 6,9 and 12 o’clock as well as on the bezel’s zero index marker. You can also see it on the dot of the seconds hands as a way to verify that the watch is still running by looking at the continuous motion. The light glows nicely and you can even see it in twilight. The sapphire crystals are flat and the signature Rolex Cyclops is absent on the date display.

This watch has the automatic manufacture Caliber 3135 which is considered one of the very best automatic movements available right now because it’s very sturdy and has a durable balance bridge in lie of the balance cock. The spring is made of Parachrom. There’s a Breguet terminal curve which ensures the hairspring’s regular breathing. The Microstella nuts adjusts the balance and there are 2 knurled screws that are used to fine-tune the vertical play.

There are cloud patterns on the movement’s bridges and the steel components have a brushed matte surface. The rotor has a sunburst pattern and the screw heads and are polished while the edges are beveled. The anodized winding wheel (made of aluminum) has a red color while the Parachrom balance spring is blue. Unfortunately, only watch makers can appreciate these nice colors because the caseback doesn’t have a window.

We tested the Sea-Dweller and it showed a gain of just 2 seconds weekly when worn on the wrist. It didn’t perform flawlessly on the Witschi Chronoscope X1 timing machine, however, where it showed a 12 second maximum deviation. The good news is that the mean deviation for all positions was no more than 1 second / day. 

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The Sea-Dweller is currently sold for $10,400 so its price is mid-way between the Submariner Date which costs $8,550 and the Deepsea which costs $12,050. All these watches have the same movement, and their cases boast of excellent craftsmanship. All 3 also have impressive dials and hands, and have scratch-resistant ceramic bezels. But in terms of cost to benefit ratio, the Submariner is a winner for those who value design more than functionality. But if you want to go diving with your watch, the Sea-Dweller or the Deepsea are both great choices because they have a higher level of resistance and their bracelets also have extension mechanisms. If you want a large case, the Deepsea (40mm) is for you; but if you prefer a smaller case, the best option is the SeaDweller.

Here are our scores for the Sea-Dweller:

  • ► Bracelet and clasp (maximum of 10 points): The steel bracelet is well crafted and sensible. The folding clasp comes with 2 lengthening mechanisms. 9 
  • ► Operation (5): The bezel clicks authoritatively into every notch and it’s easy to operate. The stop seconds function as well as the date’s rapid set mechanism ensures the watch can be set accurately. 5 
  • ► Case (10): The superior craftsmanship is evident in the deftly polished surfaces; it’s also scratch resistant because of its ceramic bezel. 9 
  • ► Design (15): The design of the Sea-Dweller is almost perfect if not for the date display which is quite close to the center of the dial. 14 
  • ► Legibility (5): The dial contrasts nicely with the hands and the Chromalight glows clearly even in the absence of light. 5
  • ► Wearing comfort (10): The lengthening mechanism assures you that you can always find the most suitable length. The clasp and bracelet’s smooth surfaces also add to the comfort of the wearer. 10 
  • ► Movement (20): The manufacture caliber is highly regarded and it is engineered for accuracy, longevity and durability. 18 
  • ► Rate results (10): Although the highest deviation among the several positions is pretty significant, the daily gain is very low; the Sea-Dweller runs very precisely when worn. 7 
  • ► Overall value (15): The price of the Sea-Dweller is on the high side but the superior quality of every detail and the certainty that it will preserve its worth in the years to come ensures good value for your money. 13 

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